Precaution Against Running Injuries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Niru Prasad   
West Bloomfield Center
Henry Ford Hospital
Department of Emergency Medicine

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac 
Department of Urgent Care and Pediatrics

What are the most common injuries sustained while you are running?
1.	Foot problems.
The runners develop swelling of feet due to 

inflammation caused by tearing of fascia attachments 

near the heel, a condition called plantar fascitis.

2.	Shin splints.
These are tiny tears in connective tissue that run from 

your knee to both sides of lower leg.

3.	Achille's tendinitis.
The repeated motion of stretching and running may cause 

partial or complete injury to Achilles's tendon leading 

to pain and swelling over the back of lower leg and 


4.	Runner's knee.
The runners frequently develop this condition due to 

repeated strain to the knee during improper running, 

poor running surface and body imbalance.

5.	Iliotibial band tendinitis.
This  syndrome  develops  due  to  swelling  of  large 

connective tissue connecting the outside of hip down to 

outer edge of knee.

What are the precautions against running injuries?
1.	Dress appropriately. Shoes should be comfortable and 

	fit properly.  The overall clothing should be light, 

	loose and layered.

2.	Stretching to loosen up muscles before running is 

	very important for preventing further injuries.

3.	Be aware  of weather changes and if children find 

	themselves out on track during lightning storm, they 

	should seek shelter immediately.

4.	Pay attention to proper diet.    Good nutrition is 

	essential when participating in any sports activity. 

	The meals should be well balanced and youngsters 

	should drink adequate amounts of fluids such as 

	water, fruit juices, clear soups or Gatorade.

5.	Since the body loses salt during perspiration, it is 

	very important to take salt supplemented drinks such 

	as Gatorade or soups.