Physical Fitness with Everyday Activities PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Niru Prasad   
 Here are a few tips to  stay slim  and trim  just by  doing daily household activities:                                           
  	1.   Take mini walks  during morning  and evening  around your

      	     house and neighborhood.                                    

  	2.   Make simple  household activities  into calorie-burning

             mini  workouts  such  as  vacuuming  the  floor,  cleaning

             windows or raking leaves, etc.                             

 	3.   For short distance trips such as picking up your mail or

             picking up milk from the corner store, just walk and       

             don't drive.                                               

  	4.   Cleaning and washing your car is great exercise rather     

             than taking it to a car wash.                              

  	5.   During spring and summer spend some time gardening.  Then

             bending and  stretching movements  will work  off calories

             and increase your flexibility.                             

 	6.   Climbing a few flights of stairs is a very  good exercise

             for your heart, so if you live or work in  tall buildings,

             try to take the stairs rather than using elevators.        
	7.   Shooting hoops, raking leaves or gardening are  all good

             exercises to stay fit.                                  

	8.   As you drive to work or shopping malls, try to park your

             car further away so you get a chance to walk since extra

             walking will burn more calories from your body.