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Written by Dr. Niru Prasad   
     Dr. Niru Prasad, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.E.P.

     Department of Urgent Care Center
     St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac 
     Department of Emergency Medicine
West Bloomfield Center
     Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit
     Royal Oak Pediatrics, Michigan


              On behalf of the MAPI Editorial Board, I would like to

              thank all our MAPI members and their spouses for their

              active participation with MAPI activities.  We wish all

              of you a very happy and safe summer.  As you know,

              during the summer months there are more accidents,

              injuries and heat related illnesses that could easily

              be prevented by taking safety precautions.  We have

              added a health column to our MAPI Newsletter where

              periodically we will talk about safety precaution tips

              against injuries, sports, accidents and major health

              illnesses.  During this issue of the Mapigram, I have

              included the guidelines to follow in order to protect

              ourselves against heat related illnesses as well as

              sports related injuries and prevention.

              A:   There are certain precautions children should

                   observe before participating with sports.

                   1.    Dress appropriately for the particular

                         sport.  For football, players should wear

                         helmets and shoulder pads as well as knee and

                         elbow pads.  Wear facequards during wrestling

                         and football.  Always wear comfortable shoes.

		    2.    Good nutrition is essential when

                          participating in any sports activity.  Eat

                          well balanced meals with supplemental vitamins

                          and iron and drink plenty of fluids including

                          balanced electrolyte solutions.

		    3.    Stretching to loosen up muscles is

                          important before starting any sports activity.

		    4.    Be aware of the weather changes.  Wear

                          light, loose and layered clothing and in case

                          of lightning and thunderstorms, seek shelter


		    5.    Maintain the right posture while

                          performing daily tasks such as lifting,

                          pushing or pulling.  Avoid quick jerky


            What to do if an injury occurs at sports, remember RICE:

                  R - Rest to the involved limb to prevent further


                      I - Ice applied to the involved area will reduce


                  C - Crutches for suspected bone injuries.

                  E - Elevation of the injured extremities will

                      maintain the blood circulation in the body.

              Safety precaution tips while handling fireworks during

              the Independence Day celebration:

                  1.    Avoid handling wet fireworks since water might

                        degrade the explosive chemicals inside.
                  2.    Avoid fireworks that are quite old or are leaking powder.
                  3.    Use sparklers and safe fireworks.
                  4.    Have a bucket of water ready when you are going to

                        start the fireworks.
                  5.    Be sure other people are out of range or stand a

                        safe distance away while lighting fireworks.
                  6.    Keep the unused fireworks safely our of reach of

                  7.    Always check and read the label on fireworks

                        before lighting.
                  8.    The fireworks debris should be properly disposed

                        of in safe plastic bags.