The Bright side of aging PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Niru Prasad, M.D.   
Thursday, 25 August 2011 16:00

As all of us are getting older there is lots of fear in our minds. We are worried about our health, financial situations, families, jobs and other aspects of life regarding our future and destiny. Considering all these facts in mind I did some research as to how we age gracefully and I was amazed to find out how many research studies have been done in medical science regarding the positive aspects of aging.

 1.    This is a documented fact that older adults with bright outlook to future live longer and happier than those with negative thoughts

2.    Remember our life is full of joys, sorrows, failures and accomplishments. The key to happiness is always count your blessings, be happy and never look back then you will not see your shadows behind.

3.    For us to be healthy it is very important to eat well balanced diet supplemented with vitamins, and minerals. Researchers have proved the facts that antioxidant supplements like vitamins A, C, E and Selenium protects cells by neutralizing free radicals and atomic fragments that can cause cells destruction in bodies.

4.    Furthermore scientists have proved the fact that vitamin E supplement in elderly lowers the risk of heart attacks, stroke and Alzheimer’s’ disease.

5.    Exercises are very important in all stages of life as it keeps our body healthy.

6.    Light up your life and get regular medical checkups as suggested by your physician.

7.    Laughter is the best medicine to improve your mood when you are feeling down. The heart and lungs are stimulated when you laugh because the amount of oxygen in your blood is increased due to deep breathing. Furthermore, the heart beats faster and blood pressure rises, temporarily followed by a drop in blood pressure and relaxation of skeletal muscles.

8.    Additionally, with laughter there are exercises of facial muscles, hence it prevents wrinkles.

9.    Lastly be cheerful, happy and think positive. Remember the saying, April showers brings May flowers and winter blast bring spring joy.



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