Safety Tips for Sports PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Niru Prasad   

Safety Tips during Sports

There are certain precautions children should observe before participating in any sport activity.

Dress appropriately for the particular sport. For football, players should wear helmet and shoulder pads as well as knee and elbow pads. Wear faceguards during wrestling and football. Always wear comfortable shoes.

Good nutrition is essential when participating in any sport activity. Eat well-balanced meals with supplemental vitamins and iron and drink plenty of fluids including balanced electrolyte solutions.

Stretching to loosen up muscles before starting any sport activity.

Be aware of the weather changes. Wear light, loose and layered clothing. In case of lighting and thunderstorms, seek shelter immediately.

Maintain the right posture while performing daily tasks like lifting, pushing/pulling. Avoid quick jerky motions.

Remember RICE

Remember RICE for what to do if any injury occurs:

R Rest to the involved limb to prevent further damage.

I Ice applied to the involved area will reduce swelling.

C Crutches for suspected bone injuries.

E Elevation of the injured extremities will maintain the blood circulation in the body.