Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program Honorees

Dr. Niru Prasad is one of the Inspirational Physicians Honorees for the year 2017. This program allows physicians to acknowledge special individuals who have offered their time, wisdom and support throughout their professional career.

Claude S. Pepper Certificate of Merit Award

BCBSM proudly announced Dr. Niru Prasad as a certificate of merit winner for the BCBSM Annual Community Service Awards in the Claude Pepper category on June 20th at Older Michiganians Day in Lansing on the lawn of the state capital.

“Dr. Niru Prasad is a semi-retired physician. She is board certified in both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. She is highly active in the senior citizen community. She frequently provides lectures on different health related topics and precautions pertaining to older adults at multiple senior citizens centers and churches. Dr. Prasad devotes a considerable amount of time treating senior citizens at Urgent Care clinics as well as caring for local community members in need of medical treatment and or advice. Additionally, Dr. Prasad gives monthly health talks on the air on her local TV show. Dr. Prasad has demonstrated an attitude of caring toward older adults in numerous ways. Being a senior citizen herself, she understands the importance of being active and staying healthy. It is her vast knowledge in medicine and passion for ones well being that makes Dr. Prasad such a valuable asset to our community.”

Heritage Hall of Fame

Dr.Niru Prasad is a highly motivated humanitarian person. On November 2, 2005, she was inducted to the Heritage Hall of Fame, sponsored by the International Institute Foundation of Detroit. As an inductee to the Heritage Hall of Fame, her portrait is permanently on display in Detroit's Cobo Hall. Founded 87 years ago, the International Institute of Detroit annually recognizes members of the professional community for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the community. Dr. Prasad was one of 5 inductees who were honored for their work. She is the first Indian female physician to receive this honor.

Bharatiya Temple Recognition Award

In 2008, Dr. Niru received Bharatiya Temple Recognition award for her significant contribution to the local community.

MAPI Lifetime Humanitarian Award

On November 3, 2007, Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (MAPI) awarded lifetime Humanitarian Award to Dr. Niru Prasad.

AMA Physician Recognition Award

Dr. Prasad is a recipient of AMA physician recognition awards,the Registry of Outstanding Professionals (American's top Pediatrician).

Claude Pepper Certificate of Merit Award from Blue Cross and Blue Shield

She is a recipient of the Claude Pepper certificate of merit award in 2006.

Who's Who in America and World

Her biography has been included in Who's Who in America 2003 and Who's Who in the World 2003-2004.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Angel Caring Award

Dr. Prasad is a past nominee for Blue Cross Blue Shield Angel Caring Award.